locked Re: #W1KK gateway is back online#alert DO NOT REPLY #w1kk

Jess Girard

Great news!!

Now if I can possibly understand why my Pi-Star hotspots don't want to work half the time it would be very welcome. Saturday, for example, I connected to REF20A and started to chat with Dave N1TKO. After one or two transmissions the Zumspot became dear, hearing neither my rig nor traffic on 20A. So I woke it up again and connected to REF 69C... same nonsense.  I happened to have a Pi3 with a dvMega installed; that worked. Then a couple of hours later the Pi3 started doing the same. This is gonna drive me nuts. It would be so, so nice if Westchester county had a working D-Star repeater! Or a non-dead-end DMR repeater for that matter.  CT seems years ahead of Westchester. I'd seriously thought of joining the local club here but not until they listen to members' complaints about lack of digital coverage.

Jess,  ND1L

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