Re: Multiple Zumspots on DStar #dstar

Jess Girard

Hi Dan:

I run multiple Zumspots for DStar and DMR. I leave one running in the office all the time...mostly because I forget to unplug it... then I use one in the car and occasionally one in the house, too.  I've never had a problem with them unless they are in RF range of one another which can result in a feedback loop or, if they're on different reflectors, traffic from REFxxx might get into reflector REFyyy, which is a big "no-no" on REF reflectors... but perfectly okay, from what I've heard, on X reflectors.

If you want to be super careful you can name one Zumspot K1DJKB B and other K1DJB D... but you may have to add channels to the rig. If you call them both K1DJB   B (since I assume you'll be on 70cm)  there won't be an issue since that's what I do rather than adding extra memory channels to my HT's.

Hope this helps!

Jess Girard

On 12/6/2019 3:26 PM, Daniel Brown wrote:
Hello all- I am adding a 2nd Zumspot hotspot for DStar to my setup and will be using it in my vehicle.  I currently have (2) other Zumspots (one DMR & one DStar) at home.  I've heard I need to be careful with a 2nd Zumspot on DStar - something about messing up the reflectors.  I have a new host id and they are on different freqs.  What other settings do I need to change so these will work together, ideally at the same time?
Dan - K1DJB


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