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Michael Gee

Hi Fran,
Hope you are well. I have had a little more time lately with everything going on in the world. Would you know if I am still registered to use the D Star repeater? I can hear stations and I get the repeater tone when I announce my callsign N1YKH, but no one answers me?
I am using an ICOM ID 51A Plus 2 and just updated the firmware and downloaded and installed the latest repeater csv file.

Thank you MikeĀ 

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 2:09 PM Fran Miele <W1FJM@...> wrote:
With all the new users I thought it was time to send this out.

Please read the following:

CTDSTAR D-STAR operating_procedures
Fran, W1FJM

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