Re: Which hotspot to buy?

Jess Girard

Hi Fran:


I’ve used Pi-Star devices for several years now. I have a couple of dvMega’s sitting atop Pi3’s; they work just fine.  I also have two ZumSpots which work just as well but require WiFi.  So if you’re looking for Ethernet my choice would be another dvMega.  I assume those are still available…?


I also have a  “ChinaSpot” like the ones sold on Amazon. It was a “mercy purchase”… a guy in our club couldn’t make it with his  DMR radio, and neither could several of us who know the tricks, so he offered it to me for $60.- and I said okyay.   It has an OLED.  After working for 3 years it died… and it wasn’t the SD card because I tried others and it’s just dead. But they are cheap, and for $50.- on Amazon it’s hard to justify another choice, but they don’t have an Ethernet connection.  You can put a Zum board atop a Pi3… I’ve done that and it works. Maybe that’s the cheapest approach given your Ethernet requirement.





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Subject: [CTDSTAR] Which hotspot to buy?


One of my DVMEGA's bit the dust. I am looking for recommendations for a replacement. I DO NOT want an openspot and I don't want to be restricted to WIFI.  I haven't paid attention to what on the market so I am looking to our DSTAR community for advice. I'm even contemplating a VHF/UHF hotspot. I already have the Raspberry Pi 3 so I don't think I need that.

Please share your experiences.

Fran, W1FJM

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