Re: Pnut connection being removed from ref069c


This boils down to many peanut users not following the proper way to first register their callsign for both DStar and DMR before hoping on peanut.

Unfortunately a few ruin  it for the many. 

Thank you,

Robert Giuliani


-------- Original message --------
From: Fran Miele <W1FJM@...>
Date: 10/10/21 8:37 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [Special] [CTDSTAR] Pnut connection being removed from ref069c

Due to recent disruptive pnut use the connection will be removed sometime this coming week. We can’t allow disruptive communication Via that app. to continue when we have no way to prevent them when the users refuse to respond to us when we try to reach out to them  

we apologize to our local users that don’t have any other DSTAR capabilities; but it our  licenses that are jeopardized  

the ref069c room will still exist but will not be connected to the reflector  

Fran, W1FJM

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