Sticky Kerchunking repeaters is a bad idea #dstar


Over the past couple of months there seems to have been an increase in the number of repeater “kerchunkers”. It is important to realize that every time a repeater is kerchunked it is possible that some unknown number of additional devices may be getting kerchunked also. This is especially true if the repeater is connected to a reflector. For example, if you kerchunk a repeater that is connected to REFLECTOR 69C the chances are pretty good that at least a dozen other systems are affected.

We realize there are people out there testing different configurations or third party devices, however it would be prudent to do this testing on simplex where possible or on a repeater that is NOT linked somewhere else. If you are not sure if a repeater is linked ask your repeater trustee to give you the location of the repeaters dashboard where you can see what is linked.

If you are trying to test to make sure your radio, DVDongle, DVAP or hotspots are configured properly to work with a repeater or reflector don’t just kerchunk as this really doesn’t let you know if your audio went through or not.. Instead make a transmission stating that you are testing and ask for someone to respond. Understand that at times there may not be anyone on.

Please pass this on to any of your fellow DSTAR users that are not members of the CT DSTAR Users Group Forum.
Fran, W1FJM